About Us

We’re a team of reptile owners and experts who are on a mission to share practical, first-hand knowledge and expertise about herptile care. Our tips and recommendations come from actual reptile owners who share a passion and love for our herp friends!

ReptileKnowHow is on a mission to empower both new and experienced reptile owners to provide their reptiles with the best care possible.  

Please reach out to us directly at info@reptileknowhow.com if you ever have any questions.

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Meet The Team

Lara Soto, author at ReptileKnowHow

Lara Sotto

Lara is a marine biologist and freelance animal writer. She loves bearded dragons and all things reptiles. She is NOT a fan of insects, which makes reptile feeding an interesting challenge. 

When she’s not collecting water samples and working in the lab, she’s helping out with research and articles here at ReptileKnowHow.

📧 lara@reptileknowhow.com

Dan Roselli

Dan “The Turtle Man” is an aspiring wildlife conservationist currently completing his final year in college while producing educational content related to the husbandry of a multitude of chelonian species. 

He has a particular affinity for the Diamondback Terrapin and has recently completed the construction of a 4,000 gallon pond ecosystem in his backyard to house his Terrapins. Through both his content on YouTube and his pursuit of knowledge through schooling, he hopes to raise awareness and dedicate his life to the conservation and protection of turtle species around the world.

📧 dan@reptileknowhow.com

Elle O'Shea

Elle is a reptile keeper dedicated to animal welfare. Being fascinated by the more unconventional pets as a child, she was eventually able to turn that fascination into an every day norm. She currently keeps several reptiles, including both lizards and snakes.

She loves sharing that passion by making educational videos aimed primarily at beginners, which stress the importance of proper husbandry and proper research.

📧 elle@reptileknowhow.com